Probiotics and its Benefits

Probiotics Aid Digestion And Maintain Gut Health

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It is said that gut health is a key to overall wellness, still, it’s often neglected by the majority of population. 

The majority of the diseases begin in the digestive tract when “good” bacteria are no more able to control and dominate “bad” bacteria. 

Prioritizing your gut health can help you fight many diseases but what is the key to good gut health? There are sufficient scientific evidences that prove that a balanced diet and probiotics can help you improve gut health. 

Probiotics are living bacterias that can enhance gut health by increasing the population of good bacterias. 

One can boost the number of good bacteria by consuming fermented food or by simply adding a probiotic supplement to a daily routine. 

Let's talk about the benefits of probiotics and their effects on your overall health. 

1- Treatment of Digestive Disorders

Treating digestive disorders is one of the most well-known benefits of probiotics. 

A good probiotic should be able to treat gas, bloating, and indigestion. Additionally, maintaining a healthy population of good gut bacteria helps in preventing leaky gut syndrome and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

Probiotics regulate the growth of pathogens and yeast which further benefits in treating many gut-related issues.  

2- Improved Absorption of Nutrition

Your gut health can be determined by how efficiently it can break down nutrients. 

Healthies food in the world can offer no benefit if your gut does not have the ability to break it down and absorb it.

A small intestine is a place where 90% of the nutrient absorption takes place. Maintaining a good population of gut-friendly bacteria can certainly help in the efficient breakdown and absorption of food. 

3- Boosts Immune System

Probiotics support a healthy immune system. 

Around 70% of the immune system cells live in the lymphatic tissues located in the gut. Thus, improving your gut health has a direct impact on your immune system.

One can avoid frequent cold and flu by combining your probiotics with macronutrients like vitamin E, iron, and selenium. 

4- Fights GI Infection

Pathogenic bacterias and yeast may grow out of control when good bacterias are outnumbered.

This overgrowth of yeast and bad bacteria leads to Gastrointestinal infection. Some of the common symptoms of GI infection are diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, etc. 

Probiotics have been proven to control the growth of pathogenic bacteria and prevent them from passing through the gut wall. 

Probiotics vs Prebiotics

Probiotics Are Beneficial Bacteria | Prebiotics Are Types Of Fiber

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Many people are soo much confused about the difference between probiotics and prebiotics. Let me just summarize it for you

Probiotics are living bacteria that are found in certain food items and supplements. Probiotics are good gut bacterias that regulate crucial bodily functions in numerous ways. 

Prebiotics can be understood as a food that is required for your gut bacterium to flourish. 

Just like your body needs proper nutrition to support growth, your gut bacterias also need certain food to flourish.

Prebiotics is as important as probiotics, and can be easily obtained by consuming beans, legumes, oats, bananas, berries, asparagus, garlic, onions.   


What happens when you start taking probiotics?

Starting With Probiotics Be Sure To Use a Reputable Product

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Some people experience improves gut health and may feel more energetic while some might not experience anything. 

It will be unreasonable to think that a probiotic supplement will have the same effects on every individual. 

Probiotics will work differently depending on age, overall health, gut health, and immunity. 

People who take probiotics for the first time might experience some negative symptoms because our body reacts to foreign living organisms.

But the good news is, probiotics will prove to be beneficial, sooner or later. The longer you take those probiotics, the healthier your gut health will be. 

As the composition of your gut microbiome changes, you will start to experience elevated energy levels, better absorption of nutrients, stronger immunity, and many other benefits.   

What is the best way to get probiotics? 

Probiotics Excellent Source Of Good Bacteria

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There are also many probiotic foods which naturally contain helpful bacteria, such as yogurt

Plain yogurt with live cultures is an excellent source of good bacteria. Other fermented food items like sauerkraut, some pickles, kombucha tea, and kimchi, are also a great sources of natural probiotics. 

Make sure to consume only unpasteurized food if you are consuming them for their probiotics, the process of pasteurization kills the bacteria. 

Probiotics supplementation is another way to efficiently boost your gut health. Fortify your gut health with the PRO GUT Probiotics formula that delivers 40 Billion CFU with every serving. Every PRO GUT capsule is coated with  MAKTrek® Probiotic Delivery System which ensures a better survival rate of probiotics.

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