Fat burners, do they really work?

Over the last few years, fat burners have gained a lot of popularity because of their ability to reduce weight by accelerating the calorie burning and trimming down excess stored fat. Fat burners are not some magical pills that can help you lose weight and we at Warrior Nutrition Co do not believe in quick fixes either, but Fat-burners are dietary supplements that can accelerate the fat burning process if combined with right eating practice. Ahead in this article we are going to discuss everything about fat burners, let's start with the basics.

What are fat burners?

Your body has its natural ability to burn calories through diet and exercises but fat burners are extensively used to accelerate the process of fat burning. Fat burners are dietary supplements that claim to burn excess body fat by triggering the body’s natural thermogenesis and lipolysis.

One thing to note here, all the fat burners supplements are not created equal, every company has their unique proprietary blend of ingredients and their benefits to the customers may differ with respect to the quality of ingredients.

Some of the ingredients used in fat burners are naturally occurring but some fat burners may contain synthetic (lab-made) ingredients too.

How do fat burners work?

Just to keep it simple, fat burners functioning can be divided into two main components:

  • Thermogenesis
  • Lipolysis


Thermogenesis is a natural metabolic process of heat production in organisms, the body requires to burn additional calories to produce more heat within the body.

Person can trigger natural thermogenesis through exercise, diet or environmental temperature. Most of the fat burners contain extracts of natural thermogenic ingredients like coffee, great tea, black pepper, ginger, etc.


Lipolysis is a metabolic pathway through which the body mobilizes the stored fats to convert into energy. Some of the primary ingredients used in fat burners are designed to stimulate hormonal reactions in the body, and to begin breaking down fat and using it as a fuel source.

Common mistakes to know before you supplement with fat burners:

Diet and exercise are still the primary factor to fat loss Being consistent with diet and exercise is still the key player to achieve fat loss.

Sticking to a calorie restricted diet is possibly 80 percent of your battle.

This is one of the biggest mistakes the majority of people make, they invest in fat burners but make no lifestyle changes.

No fat burner can help you bring down the body weight if you are eating in caloric surplus.

Set only realistic weight-loss expectation Not setting realistic weight loss goals is another common mistake people make.

You aren't gonna lose 2-3 pounds of body weight every week.

Fat burners should be used to supplement your lifestyle changes for accelerated results.

People who set unrealistic goals usually end up with overdosing of supplements which can be proven fatal for health.

More is not always better

I see people choosing supplements with strong potency, they ask for more caffeine, more thermogenic blend, more lipolysis blend. More is not always better, find a supplement that suits your body, a supplement that gives you required energy to kickstart everyday, a supplement that does not make you feel nauseous or jittery.

Benefits of Fat burners (SHRED):

Fat burner supplements may offer a long range of benefits if combined with right nutrition and regular physical exercise.

Now, let’s examine the different ways in which SHRED can help you reach your fitness goals.

  • Burn fat:

That's obvious, right? Our entire formula revolved around accelerating the fat loss process. Fat burners help in increasing the rate of fat loss though increasing the daily energy expenditure and utilizing stored fat as a source of fuel.

  • Suppress your appetite:

Fat burners are not limited to increasing the thermogenic effects, they also assist in suppressing appetite that helps in preventing unnecessary snacking. Your body automatically reduces the production of hunger hormones once it starts to use stored fuel as a source of energy.

  • Boost in energy: 

SHRED fat burner contains potent thermogenics that not only increase the calorie burning but also boost the overall energy levels. Fat burners may provide a quick energy boost to people who experience excess brain fog, lethargic and lack of motivation.

Should you use Fat burners?

I personally love to use fat burners to experience accelerated fat loss results, but you need to stay conscious of the quality of product and effective dosage. Fat burners can demonstrate some serious benefits if used with proper low carb diet and High-intensity exercise. At Warriors Nutrition Co we use highest quality premium ingredients that are sourced from natural sources. Dose may vary on the basis of personal resistance, you should be starting any fat burner with the minimum dose and gradually increase the dose as per personal preference.

What’s the best time for it?

Majority of the fat burners contain caffeine and other ingredients that can disrupt your sleep quality, these should not be taken 6 hours before bed time.

Best time to supplement with fat burners is in the morning or before a workout.

  • It can help you kickstart your day with better energy when taken early in the morning.
  • If you want to boost your workout performance then I would consult you to take a serving before workout.

Fat burners vs pre-workout?

Some of the people want to replace pre-workouts with fat burners. Although they both assist in increasing the energy and motivation levels but both are created for different purposes. While fat burners are formulated to increase the energy levels by thermogenesis, pre-workout supplements consist of an additional list of ingredients that could assist in achieving better pump, prevent DOMS and lactic acid clearance. From my point of view, pre workout works better in improving workout performance but fat burners are efficient enough to boost the fat burning process.

You should not combine both since both the product contains strong doses of caffeine and can make you feel anxious.

Are there any negative side effects

The likelihood of experiencing any negative effects are minimal if you are not overdosing the supplement.

It’s best to always follow the directions given by the manufacturer. When in doubt or have any questions, talk to a doctor for better advice.

Creating a product with no side effects has been our top priority at Warriors Nutrition Co. We use the right dose of highest quality natural ingredients to make it safe for all kinds of customers.

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