9 Bodybuilding Tips For Skinny Guys

Skinny Guys Wrong Approach Toward Bodybuilding

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It's common to see the skinny guys blaming genetics for not being able to put on muscle mass. 

Most of the time, it's not the bad genetics but the wrong approach toward bodybuilding. 

Bodybuilding is simple, you eat more calories than the daily needs and you will gain weight, you eat fewer calories than the daily needs then you will lose weight. 

The majority of skinny guys often have fast metabolism but that does not mean that it's impossible for them to pack on muscle mass. Plus, there are some common mistakes that the majority of the skinny guys are doing that are stopping them from getting big. 

Bodybuilding Tips For Skinny Guys

1- It's All About Consistency

I have seen many guys give up because they can't see the results fast enough. 

Bodybuilding is not a 3-month transformation game, it's a long-term process. 

Accept the fact that it's going to take longer than most of those online influencers claim. In the best-case scenario, a healthy individual can gain up to 2 pounds of lean muscle mass per month. 

2- Learn To Track Calories

Have I Can Track My Calories?

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Most of the guys are just clueless about their daily calorie expenditure. 

Knowing your daily calorie expenditure allows you to set a baseline caloric value that is required to maintain the current weight. 

When you start to track the calories, you get well aware if you are in a caloric surplus or calorie deficit. Out experience suggests that maintaining a surplus of 400-500 calories per day is effective to promote muscle gains while minimizing fat storage. 

Calorie tracking can be done in various ways: 

  1. Calorie tracking app: Several apps are available that are designed to efficiently track your daily calorie intake, all you need to do is feed in proper information.
    These apps are a quick and efficient way to precisely track your calories. 
  2. Through reading product labels: It's an Old-school method that bodybuilders have been following before the introduction of the calorie tracking app. You go through the label and the calorie content and journal the data daily. 

3- Keep An Exercise Journal

Bodybuilding is all about progressive overload. 

New muscle fibers are produced when you introduce your body to higher resistance.   

Progressive overload allows you to move a step ahead on a daily basis which triggers the growth of new muscle fibers. 

Avoid changing your workout routine too frequently, and try to follow a training program for at least 12 months before you switch to another program. 

Switching between different workout programs makes workout tracking difficult. 

4- Prioritize Your Protein But Do Not Avoid The Carbs

I Can Prioritize Protein or Carbs?

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Boys these days are so much concerned about their protein intake that they totally neglect the importance of carbs. 

When you are trying to gain weight and size, carbohydrates are as important as protein. 

Carbs are converted into glycogen that is later used for energy instead of breaking down muscle tissues to produce energy. 

Your post-workout meal should be high in protein, we all know but it should also be high in easy-to-digest carbohydrates that will provide the required energy to recover faster. 

Carbohydrates also help you reach your caloric requirements. 

5- Focus On Compound Lifts

Only Compound Lifts You Need To Do For Your Physique

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Focusing on the compound lifts will surely help you gain monstrous muscle mass. 

“Can you build muscle just with compound movements?” answer is YES. 

Compound exercises improve strength, coordination, and muscle gain. Lifting heavy compound movements also boosts the production of testosterone and growth hormones that eventually lead to gaining size and muscle mass. 

Lifting heavy weights activates “fast-twitch” muscle fibers. These muscle fibers have a major role in gaining size and strength. 

Training more on compound movements improves the overall strength which will help you lift heavy while doing isolation movements too. 

6- Its Time To Stop Training Long Hours


Yes, I understand your desperation to get big as soon as possible but it's time to lower the training volume.

Long training sessions burn out the glycogen reserves and start to break down muscle tissues for energy production.  

A typical Push, pull or legs workout contains 4 exercises of 5 sets each. That's all you require to trigger muscle growth without catabolizing your precious muscle mass. 

Train 4 days a week which will allow sufficient time for the recovery.  

7- Have Protein Before Bed

Consuming protein-rich food before bed has been proven to improve muscle recovery and avoid muscle breakdown. 

The average duration between dinner and morning breakfast is about 14 hours, it's a long time to leave your muscle starving. 

When you ingest slow-digesting protein before bed, you ensure the supply of protein to your muscle fibers even while sleeping. 

I suggest having a scoop of whey protein with some almond milk + peanut butter before going to bed. 

8- Understand The Importance Of Supplements

Role Of Vitamins And Supplements Play In Your Overall Health

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Supplements can play an important role to reach your macro and micro goals. 

Some people avoid supplements for no reason and then they complain about not getting results. 

You have to understand this, Either you get all the nutrients through whole food or you get them through supplementation, there is no other way. 

If you have a busy schedule that is blocking you from fulfilling your body’s macro and micro requirements then supplements can act as a savior. 

STOP DEMONIZING SUPPLEMENTS. If you don't have enough testosterone produced then its okay to take herbal testosterone booster supplements, if you can’t meet your body’s protein goals then it's okay to have whey protein, if you don't feel the motivation to crush your workout then it's okay to take a scoop pre-workout. 

We at Warriors Nutrition Co have designed a POWER pre-workout, BCAA’s & THRIVE Multi-vitamin) that is formulated to deliver a perfect balance of explosive energy, endurance,  strength, and maximum focus. All our supplements are NSF certified to ensure the highest quality products for our customers. 

9- Learn To Create Your Own Mass Gainer

Mass gainers shakes are great to supply a massive amount of calories in an easy-to-consume form. 

Instead of investing in ready-made mass gainers, it's time to learn the art of creating your own mass gainers. 

Most of the mass gainers in the market are low in quality protein and high in carbohydrates. 

You can google “DIY mass gainer” and you will get tons of recipes that can help you reach your gain. 

Here is my favourite mass gainer recipe.

  1. 50g of Oats, and 15g of almonds and grind them well. 
  2. Two bananas and blend them as well. You should have a thick paste by now.
  3. A tablespoon of natural peanut butter
  4. 700 ml double-toned milk.
  5. A Scoop of whey protein

Optional: I love to add some cinnamon powder and cocoa to make your gainer more savoury.


  • Protein:  60g
  • Fats: 28g
  • Carbs: 122g
  • Total Calories: 970 Kcal

So not we have already discussed crucial tips that will help you gain weight but it's important to be aware of common mistakes that might be keeping you skinny. 

Mistakes that are keeping your skinny

When I look back at my skinny clients, there is a commonality in mistakes almost each one of them did. Let's talk about the common mistakes that most skinny guys are doing. 

Not hiring a trainer

A personal trainer is someone who is trained to produce optimal results. 

Most of the guys rely too much on gym bros and fake fitness influencers. A personal trainer is someone who will prepare a fitness plan that is suitable for your body's goals. 

Additionally, a personal trainer also saves from uncertain injuries that are caused due to wrong forms, postures, or overtraining. 


I have seen skinny guys training for hours to gain muscle mass. 

Bodybuilding is not about how much you lift, it's more about how efficiently you recover. 

Not prioritizing sleep 

Sadly, the majority of the guys are not able to see results because of a lack of sleep.

Your sleep quality plays a major role in your recovery process.  A study was conducted to find the relationship between sleep and muscle strength, it was found that Good sleep quality is associated with greater muscle strength, while short sleep duration may be a risk factor for decreased muscle strength in university students.

Doing too many isolation movements

You should put your focus on big compound movements and less volume. 

High volume training and doing too many isolation movements leads to muscle loss. 

Supplements are not evil 

Yes, I agree that some supplements are just a waste of money but that's not true with every supplement. 

A good supplement is the best way to boost your progress at the gym and on the weight scale. 

Creatine, whey protein, and BCAA’s are my personal favourite that surely helps in the development of lean muscle mass. 

Comparing with others

It's unreasonable to compare yourself with other who has been training for longer than you do, every individual has different strengths and weaknesses. Comparison often leads to distrust in the process.